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Page, Anita

Paige, Jean

Pallette, Eugene

Palmer, Corliss

Parker, Mary

Parlo, Dita

Parry, Lee

Parsons, Louella

Pates, Gwendolyn

Pathé, Charles

Paudler, Maria

Pavlova, Anna

Pawn, Doris

Pearson, Virginia

Pennington, Ann

Percy, Eileen

Periolat, George

Perry, Kathryn

Peters, House

Petrova, Olga

Petrovich, Ivan

Pfundmeyer, Hedi

Philbin, Mary

Phillips, Carmen

Phillips, Dorothy

Phipps, Sally

Pickford, Jack

Pickford, Lottie

Pickford, Mary

Pierce, Evelyn

Pierson, Suzy

Pinajeff, Elizabeth

Pitts, Zasu

Pollard, Snub

Polo, Eddie

Polo, Malvina

Porten, Henny

Powell, William

Powers, Lucille

Pretty, Arline

Prevost, Marie

Price, Kate

Pringle, Aileen

Puffy, Charles

Purviance, Edna

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