Bebe Daniels

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Magazine Articles & Photos

"Bebe Daniels, a Picturesque Cinema Personality and One of Our Newest Photoplay Stars," Shadowland, November 1920.

Adela Rogers St. Johns, "The Most Popular Girl in Hollywood," Photoplay, November 1922.

Janet Reid, "Singed Wings (Fictionization of the Bebe Daniels picture)," Motion Picture, February 1923.

Cover Photograph: Bebe Daniels The Picturegoer Monthly, November 1924.

Cover Design: Bebe Daniels by Livingston Geer, Photoplay, February 1926.

"The Girl on the Cover," Photoplay, February 1926.

Dorothy Manners, "Six Ways to Become a Star," Motion Picture, October 1927.

Dick Hyland, "Pictures of Football," Photoplay, September 1928.

"The Unhappy Warrior (Bebe Daniels as Joan of Arc - Photographs," Motion Picture, December 1928.

"Unconcealed Weapons (Photographs)," Motion Picture, April 1929.

Film References/Reviews

"Nancy from Nowhere," Photoplay, April 1922.

"Sinners in Heaven," Motion Picture, December 1924.

"Argentine Love," Motion Picture, April 1925.

"The Splendid Crime," Photoplay, February 1926.

"Hot News," Photoplay, September 1928.

"Take Me Home," Motion Picture, December 1928.

Photoplay Editions

Zane Grey, Heritage of the Desert, 1924.

Booth Tarkington, Monsieur Beaucaire, 1924.

Clive Arden, Sinners in Heaven, 1924.

George Goodchild, The Splendid Crime (Movie Title: The Public Defender), 1926.

Harry Sinclair Drago, Rio Rita, 1929.

Winnie Brandon, Dixiana, 1930.


Bebe Daniels & Jane Allgood, 282 Ways of Making a Salad With Favorite Recipes by British and American Personalities & Stars, 1950.

Bebe Daniels, The Complete Book of Salads, 1952.

Bebe Daniels & Ben Lyon, Life With The Lyons, 1953.

Jill Allgood, Bebe & Ben, 1975.

Sheet Music

Mel Shauer - Fred Rath, "Red Red Rose (Monsieur Beaucaire)," 1923.

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