Norma Talmadge

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Magazine Articles & Photos

Neysa McMein, Cover Design, Photoplay, February 1917.

"The Company on the Cover, Norma Talmadge, Inc., Photoplay, February 1917.

Rotogravure, Photoplay, August 1918.

Rotogravure, Photoplay, April 1922.

Cover Portrait, Picture Play, September 1922.

Rotogravure, Photoplay, November 1922.

Ann Brockman, Cover Portrait, Motion Picture, February 1923.

Cover Portrait, McCall's, November 1923.

W. Adolphe Roberts, "Confidences Off-Screen," Motion Picture, April 1925.

Adela Rogers St. Johns, "Our ONE and ONLY Great Actress," Photoplay, February 1926.

Rotogravure, Photoplay, February 1926.

Film References/Reviews

"By Right of Purchase," Photoplay, June 1918.

"De Luxe Annie," Photoplay, August 1918.

"The Passion Flower," Motion Picture, July 1921.

"Love's Redemption," Photoplay, April 1922.

"The Only Woman," Photoplay, January 1925.

"The Woman Disputed," Photoplay, September 1928.

"A Woman Disputed," Motion Picture, October 1928.

Photoplay Editions

Bayard Veiller, Within the Law, 1913.

William Addison Lathrop, Little Stories from the Screen, 1915.

Cynthia Stockley, Poppy, 1917.

Leroy Scott, Daughter of Two Worlds, 1919.

Roger Batchelder, Secrets, 1924.

George Barr McCutcheon, Graustark, 1925.

Norma Talmadge, Kiki, 1926.

Alexander Dumas, Camille, 1927.

Joseph M. Schenck, The Woman Disputed, 1928.


Film Flashes: The Wit and Humor of a Nation in Pictures, 1916.

Margaret L. Talmadge, The Talmadge Sisters Norma, Constance & Natalie, 1924.

Anita Loos, The Talmadge Girls: A Memoir, 1978.

Edgar Marvin, When the Movies Began: The First Film Star Norma Talmadge, 1978.

Richard Dyer MacCann, The Stars Appear, 1992.

Sheet Music

S. R. Henry - Frank H. Warren, "Tears of Love," 1918.

Sidney D. Mitchell - Archie Gottler, "Heart of Wetona - Inspired by and Dedicated to Norma Talmadge," 1919.

Irving Berlin, "The New Moon," 1919.

Sidney Mitchell - Archie Gottler, "Norma - Inspired by and Dedicated to Norma Talmadge," 1919.

J. Keirn Brennan - Ernest R. Ball, "The Eternal Flame," 1922.

Al Jolson - Ballard MacDonald - Dave Dreyer, "A Year From Today (from New York Nights)," 1929.

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