The Unchastened Woman

A Full Program Disc featuring Theda Bara


A Full Program Disc
Welcome to an evening at the silent movies. In addition to the feature presentation this disc includes one of Al St. John's rarely seen Warner Brothers films, a Gaumont Graphic newsreel, another serial episode, a silent cartoon and a tour of the Thomas Ince Studio. We've also added glass advertising slides, Photoplay Edition covers, a Sunrise Snippet and a Clara Bow trailer. All films are color-tinted and accompanied by appropriate music scores.

Feature Presentation
THE UNCHASTENED WOMAN (Chadwick Pictures Corporation - 1925)
Theda Bara, Wyndham Standing, Eileen Percy, John Miljan, Dale Fuller, Harry Northrup, Mayme Kelso. Directed by James King. ~ ~ ~ Theda Bara plays a respectable woman who finds it necessary to pretend she is a vamp. Theda's last feature film contains echoes of her screen image from the teens.

The following extract from 'The Unchastened Woman' is an excellent example of silent film acting and silent film technique. The scene has a smooth rhythm that is underscored by the cadence of the musical accompaniment. The message is conveyed in a discreet and subtle manner. Notice there is very little dialog and only one dialog intertitle. The intertitles that are used serve to set the scene while the actors convey the storyline.

Theda Bara is known mainly by reputation today as only two of her feature films are known to exist. In the clip that follows we see that Theda was a fine silent screen actress. Although the other actors in this clip are photogenic and do a fine job, it is Theda who carries the scene.

Notice how she was able to sit alone before the camera and successfully convey her character's feelings without overdoing it. And note too how her emotions are beautifully expressed through a close-up of only her hand in the final shot. This wonderful sequence showcases both the art of the silent film and the art of Theda Bara, who was clearly skilled at her craft.

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Short Subjects
The Paper Hanger (Warner Brothers - 1921)
Al St. John. ~ ~ ~ One of Al's rarely seen Warner comedies from his first starring series.

GAUMONT GRAPHIC NO. 52 (Gaumont Company - 1918)
Another weekly newsreel from the teens. Nice images, historic footage.

PUSS IN BOOTS (Laugh-O-Gram Films - 1922)
Silent animation directed by Walt Disney. Includes an appearance by Rodolph Vaselino.

Serial Episode
MYSTERY OF THE DOUBLE CROSS - Chapter 10 : The Hole-In-The-Wall (Pathe - 1917)
Mollie King, Leon Bary, Ralph Stuart, Gladden James. Directed by Louis J. Gasnier, William Parke. ~ ~ ~ Something is going on at the Hole-In-The-Wall and there might be a few surprises as the story continues to unfold.

The Screening Room
A TOUR OF THE THOMAS INCE STUDIO (Thomas H. Ince Corporation - circa 1921) Louise Glaum, James Kirkwood, Lloyd Hughes, Enid Bennett, Douglas MacLean, Hobart Bosworth, House Peters, Margaret Livingston, Florence Vidor, Lewis Stone,Thomas Ince. Directed by Hunt Stromberg. ~ ~ ~ Presents a tour of the Ince studio in the early twenties. It is interesting to note that coloring film was apparently part of the standard processing procedure in 1921. Rare.

Additional Attractions

Color-tinted, 185 minutes total running time.

NTSC - Order # TUWB-N
PAL - Order # TUWB-P

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